Please book, change or cancel permanent or casual bookings by logging into your My Family Lounge:

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We cannot care for a child unless we are informed in advance that they are attending. This is best done via the My Family Lounge App.
In an emergency this can be by phone or email but please make sure you have an acknowledgement from us that we have the space and staff to care for your child that day.
If your child arrives without a booking and we are unable to contact you, we will take your child to the school office so they can arrange for you to pick them up.


To cancel a booking, use My Family Lounge, send a note, contact us or email to your School Plus service. Please include your child’s name, and the dates you want to cancel.


Important points about cancellations:
  • We require notice in writing to cancel a booking
  • Please note that the Child Care Subsidy is payable for up to 42 absences per financial year – any absences beyond this may be charged to you at the full rate
  • If your child is not attending on a day you’ve booked, please let us know, even if you can’t give us notice sufficient for no charge to be applied to your account. If a child is on our roll and doesn’t attend, we will contact parents/guardians and emergency contacts to check they are OK. In some cases, this has meant having to contact the police when we haven’t been able to reach parents / guardians to ensure child safety.


Download the My Family Lounge App for free for bookings changes on the go.

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If you change any of the details provided to us on the enrolment form, please make sure that you let us know. It is essential that you let us know if you change address, or change your work or home phone number. It is also essential that you let us know if your child develops any medical condition that requires special attention.
Change your details online through My Family Lounge:
  • Change your contact details
  • Add a new child to your account
  • Update your authorised contacts.
  • To change your Direct Debit details download this document and return the completed form to your School Plus service.

Below is a tutorial for the My Family Lounge App.  Please feel free to contact your service or the School Plus Support Office for more information.

Download Debit Success Form here 
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