school PLUS
We are so proud of all our Coordinators. A special shout out to Julie from School Plus -William Duncan, Sharon from School Plus - CHAC and Nikki from School Plus - Bellmere for their OSHC Industry awards announced at the QCAN State Conference on the weekend.

School Plus William Duncan was the winner of ‘The Lorax’ Educators Award for their outstanding environmentally responsible practices and Julie’s contribution to the Industry over many years.

School Plus CHAC was a runner up of The Horton’ Educators Innovation Award – ‘From hardships to triumphant with a big heart and respectful compassion for all’. This was in relation to their innovative approach to communicating anti-bullying practices with music.

School Plus Bellmere was a runner up of ‘The Moving Mountains’ Service Award for a service with outstanding achievement.

The QCAN conference involved some amazing professional development opportunities for many of our Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators who attended over one or two days.