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The children found a baby bird in the playground yesterday, we helped them pick it up and care for it. The children named her Ms. Fuzzlebutt.

We took her inside, heated up some rice in the microwave and put a tea towel over this to simulate the warmth a baby bird receives from its mother, and fed her some mashed up raisin toast with honey (she mainly liked the raisins). Ms. Fuzzlebutt became very sleepy after eating some raisins and fell asleep straight away.

Later, when she awoke, some children very gently stroked her feathers, and in return she pecked at some of their fingers, perhaps confusing them for worms. The children were very committed to caring for Ms. Fuzzlebutt, and were very attentive to her needs, keeping their voices low and giving her lots of space.

Ms. Fuzzlebutt was in good shape, she stretched her wings a lot, and eventually perched herself on the edge of her rice container bed, and would not be moved back into it. She was very stubborn.

After all the children left, Ms. Fuzzlebutt was taken to a vet to be given to a wildlife carer who will release her back into the school once she can fly and hunt for herself.