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We took this opportunity to implement some really meaning full and in-depth conversations around personal safety, respect and support for each other.

The goal of today was to reach out and connect with children to help build a supportive safe environment that fosters learning and positive relationships. The staff jumped on board by dressing in the famous orange!

The children came in and the day began by creating a template anti-bullying poster that the children could adapt what they had learnt and observed from the educators’ context to their own.

While sitting completing the posters Miss Nikki prompted the children with discussion questions such as "why is it important that we know what bullying looks like", "what should we do if we see a bully", "Who can we talk to if this is happening to us".

The children ran with the idea engaging in long and meaningful conversations where children explained their experiences and collaborated with how they could respond in the future. Miss Nikki asked is some of the children would contribute to a group discussion at the end of the session to which they agreed. The children were left to facilitate their own conversations and express ideas without educator interruptions.

This was a great experience for all children and educators to build stronger relationships in a safe space while also connecting to the community as this theme will be ongoing throughout the day for the school community. We also presented our anti bullying policy in the parent area for some light reading for parents.

What a great day!