school PLUS
On July 10 the theme for vacation care was PJ's and Smores.
The children all came in their pajamas and they were all excited to show their peers and educators their pajamas.

Today we had a fire pit planned for the children to make smores and roast some marshmellows. We had our local fire department come to visit us. The children were very excited to meet real firemen and see the fire truck. The intended learning for the fire truck was to discuss fire safety for our fire pit. This was to ensure all children are educated in fire safety.

The fireman explained all the equipment on the fire truck the children were so fascinated with all their equipment asking what certain situations they use it for. We asked for fire safety tips for our fire pit to ensure we keep everyone safe. The fireman explained that we needed buckets of water or something to ensure we could stop the fire in case of an emergency. We had to keep the fire away from trees and making sure we keep a safe distance from the fire. The children really listened to the firemenĀ  and were able to retain and repeat what the firemen said. This was a great day that taught the children life skills and were able to get community involvement.