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Everyone is excited about knitting - with so many children loving this activity !
The club was first initiated back in March 2019 when one of our young boys was discussing the fact that his Nan had showed him how to knit with needles, but he couldn’t remember anymore.   Together we thought this was worth extending and exploring further.   With this student staff researched on You Tube how to knit and also came across a video on finger knitting.  This has snowed balled into, what today is now our Knitting Club with so any children each week selecting this Club to calmly sit and engage in knitting whilst interacting with their peers after many other high energy activities.   Rich and engaging conversations are being generated during these sessions with the children very proud of their achievements and they are working together to teach each other.   We call this “Kniticipation” – the excitement of creating something special from a ball of yarn together!