school PLUS
School Plus Griffin OSHC encourages interactions with children that promote gender, race, cultural and religious equality and acknowledges each child’s unique differences.
We have a large diverse group of students here at Griffin. So with this in mind, a few senior girls and Mr Scott decided to celebrate our acceptance of diversity by writing our own poem;  a poem that all grades can learn and take part in; a poem that brings us all together as one big Griffin family.  During a before school session, we worked hard to put together the right words. This is what we came up with as our new Griffin diversity pledge:

I am me, you are you
I am special, you are too
We all come from different places
Yet we share the same smile on our faces
United we stand, side by side
Always showing our Griffin pride
I accept you, you accept me
We are one big Griffin family.

All grades are now starting are to learn this new poem and it will be recited every morning during our group times. Well done to the girls for coming up with such a welcoming and respectful pledge for us all!  You are amazing!