school PLUS
School Plus Kimberley Park OSHC undertook an amazing Under 8’s Day project. 
They decided to theme their 2019 stall around “Anything is possible, if you stay positive”.  The children worked tirelessly over 2-3 weeks before and after school care colouring creating individual feathers for their winged “What lifts you up?” mural.  The coordinating and cutting out was largely assisted by their dedicated Educator, Venessa and Coordinator, Kim who pieced the Wings together with lots of help from everyone.  This winged mural looked amazing and the photos they took on the day were magic, even a photo of the school Principal with wings! The parents and Teachers got involved, and the School Plus colouring stall was a huge hit and had a steady stream of visitors looking for a little chill out time.  This was a huge effort and a credit to the theme that “anything is possible”!