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As part of our cultural diversity program the children and staff decided to go tracking.
Firstly, the children sat in their yarning circle and talked about what foods the Aboriginal people might have searched for and eaten. We also talked about the food chain and that nothing was ever wasted.
When we set off on our journey of discovery the children were very keen to find whatever they could that could have been used many years ago. One of the boys took a bag and gloves to gather kangaroo poo to fertilise our garden and improve the quality and production of our plants. Much to staff’s surprise they enjoyed the task and most of them had a turn to carry the bag.

As we made our way to the bush tucker garden and around the school all eyes were firmly fixed on the ground. "Miss Rae, I have found some Kangaroo poo" "Is it old or fresh?" "Old" "so how long ago do you think the Kangaroos were here?" "A few days ago." We need fresh poo to know the Kangaroos are, nearby don't we?" Just then as we walked over the hill, we saw two kangaroos.

Other bush foods the children found were Macadamia nuts, Lemon Myrtle, wild passion fruits and seeds. They saw Ibis's, Cockatoos, pigeons, plovers and a green bird with a blue head. Another student found a bird’s nest, and another found a lady beetle. There were also several different kinds of bird feathers.

Everyone had a great time exploring the area and we decided that whoever has lived here throughout the years have had a good variety of Tucker!   Throughout this experience children used a range of skills such as inquiry, hypothesis and problem solving. They resourced their own learning through connecting with people, places and the natural environment.