school PLUS
The children at Yarrabilba OSHC have been so excited to create their own Sunflower nursery which they have been monitoring daily and watering. We have lost a few which have struggled over the weekends when we are not at school, however they are currently ranging from 5cm – 20cm tall and they will be planted out into our OSHC garden by the children, with our big gardening overhaul project planned for the September 2019 school holidays.  The children can’t wait to show this off to their families and friends with artwork also ultimately incorporated in this outdoor space.  
A poem which the children have loved is to reflect their green thumb adventures is:-
A little seed for me to sow
A Little Earth to make it grow
A little hole
A little pat
A little wish and that is that
A little Sun
A little Shower
And in a while, a little flower.