wiggly worm
School Plus -Graceville OSHC has recently received a very special visit from Bunnings Warehouse, Worm Farm expert Rachel. 
Rachel helped us build our very own onsite Worm Farm along with Mini Worm Farms for all of the children to take home. We learnt about what worms eat, their living conditions and how to start a Worm Farm. The first step was getting your hands dirty and that’s exactly what we did!

Since the visit from Bunnings Warehouse and creating Graceville’s Worm Farm, the children have been ensuring our worm farm is kept in exceptional shape. To do this, a couple of morning a week, after we cut up our fruit for the day, we make sure they are fed with the delicious fruit and vegetable scraps including some of the worms favourites, watermelon rind, lettuce and apple cores just to name a few. We then bring out our trusty spray bottle to ensure their home is kept cool and moist just the way they like it.

The children love to gently explore and dig around in attempt to count how many worms we can see, but each time the number gets bigger and bigger! Recently whilst checking on our worm farm, we have been noticing a lot of very tiny and very wriggly babies, this shows us that all of our hard work and dedication to this worm farm is paying off.

The worm farm allows us to recycle our services waste, reduce landfill and give back to the environment ensuring children are continually learning and expanding on their knowledge about sustainability.