school plus
The children were given the opportunity to connect with a Pen pal who lives in the aged care facility located a short walk away from the service. 

Our first step was to gather an idea of which children would be interested in writing a letter and inform the parents.

We worked hard at creating our letters. During the different sessions children were given multiple opportunities to complete their letters and engaged in meaningful conversations with their peers and educators on many different topics. Throughout all the interactions the common theme was around their own grandparents and discussing the information they would like to share with their new exciting friend. While writing their letters the children asked if they would be able to meet their pen pals in the future and what this would look like. It was great to see the children were looking to the future and engaging in future programming within the service.

The children's letters were dropped off by Miss Nikki to the Aged Care home! She had a short conversation with the Lifestyles Events Manager who was excited to see the community getting involved in the newly built aged care facility.

The children were over the moon to get their responses from their pen pals. The children broke off into smaller groups to read, reflect and respond to the new letters.

During these conversations the children spoke about how they could like to improve their letters. The children decided to decorate their little pages to make the letters more exciting for their pen pals to receive. As Halloween is coming up, they decided to do spiders and scary ghosts.

The children discussed what they would like to respond to their pen pals including answering the questions  - if you had three wishes what would you wish for? The children joked together explaining certain wishes they had and why.  Some were simple and fun like going to the beach and others were more deep and meaningful expressing things that were important to them, such as seeing their parents for Christmas. The conversation progressed to what the children were doing for Halloween and what they would like to dress up as and why. The children showed respect and collaborations together through engaging in conversations and encouraging each other as part of this process.  

The children’s commitment and dedication to their letters has grown over the last couple of months. The children and pen pals have expressed their excitement for the January school holidays when we are going to get to visit our newfound friends.