school plus
To explore our understanding of Sorry Day the children engaged in a painting activity.

The children were asked how they thought they should colour the flag and they suggested finger painting as this is the traditional painting of the Aboriginal people. The template for the flag was drawn to guide the children in their artistic abilities and to outline the meanings behind the colours they were panting on the flag. The children conversed about different culture, what culture is and what this might look like. It was explained to the children that culture and where we come from is not always evident in our appearance and it is important to never assume but ask to be more informed and ensure we are being respectful.

After the activity the children came together to watch a video that explained the meaning behind National Sorry Day. We all came together and discussed the meaning of National Sorry Day by watching a video aimed at children in primary years exploring the history of National Sorry Day and why it is important.

The children were asked to talk with the person next to them for a short time about the two questions 'If you were taken from your family how would you feel?' 'What is the meaning of sorry, why do we say it?'. The children were encouraged to share their answers with the group and Miss Nikki recorded it on the whiteboard bodies for us to display in our cultural corner in the future. Children were reminded that treating people differently because they appear or act a different way is not acceptable and that everyone comes from a different upbringing. It’s important to appreciate and respect everyone no matter how different they are.