school PLUS

School Plus Moorooka OSHC have been critically reflecting on how to enhance and nurture children’s social and emotional wellbeing by focusing on the functionality of our existing play spaces.

As is often in the case with OSHC, the service runs a setup, pack down program which operates out of the school’s hall, with an additional room for an office and small dedicated activity area.

Staff identified a need to create a calm, welcoming and secure environment away from the main action-packed hall play space, as it was becoming increasingly evident that some children were finding it difficult to self-regulate their emotions, after a busy day at school. 

Through observations, reflections and collaborating with families, children and educators, we realised that it was important not only to develop this special calming space, but also to educate the children and provide them with tools, strategies and equipment to support their own social and emotional health.

In the newly re-vamped additional space, educators are now using a variety of different resources like the Sensory Wall, Zones of Regulations toolkit, children’s books and soothing activities to provide this calming influence. The children are encouraged to use this space whenever they need it and have responded very well with the support from our caring educators.