school PLUS
Today the children learnt about safety during children’s week by promoting the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and they learnt about keeping themselves safe.

As a group we discussed the signs of when we don't feel safe with the children making comment on how they keep safe by staying with an adult when out and about. We discussed the posters and learning program.

The group painted a Rose for Daniel as these roses can be purchased at Bunnings and the children were keen to ask their parents to consider buying one for their garden at home. During the workshop the children learnt to paint in 3D and dry brush, techniques that they have never done before. Isabella said that it was strange to put paint on the brush and then wipe it off to paint with it. They really enjoyed it!

The roses came out beautifully and the parents loved them and had lots of positives comments to add to the children showing them off. Some parents thought it was a fantastic to acknowledge Children's Week by teaching them techniques to keep themselves safe.