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Today was National Sorry Day, a day in which we acknowledge the Aboriginal people who were taken from their families as part of the Stolen Generation.

During our morning group time today, Miss Maria asked the children about what they knew about National Sorry Day. "We wear a purple flower to say sorry to all of the people whose children were stolen" Student, Asha told the group. "It's the native hibiscus flower" Student, Harry added.

After the group discussed the history of National Sorry Day, Miss Maria told the children a traditional dreamtime story, The Giant Goanna and the Little Black Snake. It told the story of how anyone, no matter their size, can do anything they set their mind to. The group were then asked what the message of the story was.

Student, Caelan told the group that the story told us that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Student, Alexis added that "it doesn't matter what size you are." Student, Tyson ended the discussion by saying that "we can all make it a difference whether we are big or small." Miss Maria concluded the learning experience by telling the group that the story tells us that it doesn't matter if we have dark or light skin or if our culture is different, it is about learning from each other and accepting one another.

Throughout the learning experience, the children appeared to be engaged and responded to questioning. The children were respectful of different cultures and perspectives and appeared to be confident when answering questions and sharing their understandings with the group.