School PLUS
Today we discussed an activity that relates to National Youth Week with all the children.

We sat as a group and discussed what age groups would be “youth” and what problems they can face each day. We discussed what we could do or what others could do to help and support the youth of today. A couple of children said that their parents worked with homeless youth and had some great ideas from talking to them.

The children came up with some amazing ideas such as: donating food and water, giving them some clean clothes, shelter and some children said they could live at their house. We talked about how they would feel and what emotions they might have and how we could support them emotionally, the children said take them to a fun place, treat them like your best friend and try to find a family for them or some company so they don’t get lonely and that might cheer them up. Some children said they would share their money with them and others said that they would get them school supplies so they didn't feel left out at school.

The children has a great understanding of what basics the youth really need and used words like shelter instead of home and friends as they see that friends are valuable on a daily basis. They also said helping them to get a job would be great so they could buy some food and a place to live.

The children wrote ideas down around a globe as this is a national problem and coloured it different colours to make it bright and positive. We were very proud of them!