school PLUS
Well done School Plus Humpybong OSHC for your outstanding quality result from the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care! Our OSHC service is now ranked in the top 2% in Queensland for quality. They were so excited to achieve an exceeding rating in all 7 quality areas and an overall rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standard.

The ECEC Assessor commented “School Plus Humpybong is commended on its achievement in providing positive outcomes for all children…. Educators and management have demonstrated their processes and strategies drive a commitment to ensuring high quality outcomes for children and continual improvement of the program, environments and service as a whole. The extraordinary development that has occurred over the past 12 months is to be praised, especially as this has continued unwaveringly throughout a period of significant change and uncertainty.

Relationships between educators and children were observed as respectful, warm, and inspired confidence in children. It is clear that the children drive the program, and there is a strong focus on developing children's agency and life-skills. Meaningful engagement with families, the local community and school has seen strong relationships developed within a short period of time, which are collaborative and supportive.

It is evident that the service uses a continuously reflective practice model with the support and guidance from the Coordinator, Educational Leader and the management roles within School Plus, to enhance and ensure quality outcomes for children.

Congrats to Julie, Alyce, Casey, Tracey and the School Plus team for this exceptional result! Your passion and commitment to children is something we are in awe of every day!