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At the beginning of Semester One, the children of our Music and Movement Club sat with Miss Renee and decided they wanted to do a performance.

They chose and cherographed their performances, designed costumes, designed flyers, created snacks and practiced hard for what was our first ever parents night.

The children were excited on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 to put together all their hard work to show their parents and community what they could do. They helped Miss Renee set up the room, baked some delicious goodies for parents and finalise everything for the night.

The children welcomed the audience and collected a gold coin donation from each person, which was donated to a local animal shelter to help the stray animals of our community. The children raised over $30 on the night.

Thank you Music and Movement Club for the wonderful night and to Miss Renee who encouraged and help the children each week to achieve their goal.