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To celebrate OSHC Educators Day, our Kimberley Park OSHC created a huge poster with balloons and set it up next to our parent sign in table to thank our parents for enabling us to be the educators, supporting us and letting us be a part of their children’s lives.

The children handed each educator a certificate to thank them for being an amazing Educator and the Coordinator, Kim, gave each educator a Kit Kat to remind them to take a break outside of work to look after themselves!

Our children had worked so very hard on a huge letter (that was at least 20m long!) about what makes their Educators amazing at Kimberley Park.   It stretched from one end of our building to the other end! So to thank them the staff threw a party and enjoyed an amazing afternoon tea party to share with all the children.  They played party games, including taking turns to burst the pinata,  and a magical afternoon was had by all.