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Miss Tash is the Team Leader of our “World Around Us” Club and has been running a very exciting group activity with the children.   Here is her learning story:-

“The concept was to build a visual representation of the modern day 'Australian'. Since we are a multicultural nation, we wanted to represent all of the cultures that live shore to shore in Australia. The children traced the outline of my body, and our intention was to fill the body with several styles and fabrics of each culture. For the face, we used facial features of differing skin tones. I showed children images of what my hair would like if I didn't get a keratin treatment, which was an intentional teaching moment. The children surprisingly hadn't seen afros like that before.

We also used google to search, Egyptian sandals, Native American headpieces, Japanese nails and indigenous lion cloths for inspiration. The children were fascinated by the many different cultures they were learning about during the activity. Later on, children chose to use colours of the indigenous flag for the eyebrows and a Vietnamese style apron for clothing. The students all worked well together, sharing ideas and collectively deciding on the final choices for our project.    

As an extension in Week 2 we revisited this with a 2nd  group of students. They brought completely different ideas to contribute and even assisted me with looking at our project through a different lens. Two older students participated and had a deeper understanding of culture, allowing for greater discussion and higher order thinking. One student and I are both of New Zealand descent and discussed adding a Māori tattoo to the chin of our multicultural person. It ended up being too hard to replicate the intricacy of the tattoo. Despite this, the conversation simultaneously taught the whole group more about Kiwi culture!  We showed children different images of these tattoos on the iPad for context.  I was proud to witness different levels of collaboration amongst the children from Preps to Grade 6."