school PLUS

Each Thursday Miss Mandy from School Plus Griffin has been engaging the children in the “Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Program”, which is an age-appropriate program to teach children about personal safety.  

Ditto’s three rules for keeping Safe are 1. We all have the right to feel safe with people 2. It’s Ok to say “No!” if you feel unsafe or unsure and  3. Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone.  https://bravehearts.org.au/keepsafe

The learners have enjoyed establishing a sense of belonging through simple and fun activities with Miss Mandy. So far, our learners have engaged in a “who am I” activity which explored the values and diversity within the School Plus Griffin families. This was then extended upon to explore how to identify a “yes feeling”, where the learners identified a “yes feeling” is when you feel safe.

We love seeing our Griffin learners feeling safe, secure, and supported when engaging in these activities and can’t wait to see what comes next in the Ditto Program!